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"The campus, the timeless grassy quadrangle with its cloistered walkways and monumental buildings, is the place where the great drama of a student's life is played out. Here, the magic of a student's life happens." - William Deresiewicz

Teaching and Learning - Research - Community Service


Teaching is not just about imparting knowledge, it’s about planting seeds of curiosity, creativity, and lifelong learning in the minds of our students


The pursuit of knowledge and understanding through research is a never-ending journey that can lead to new discoveries and innovations that can improve the world and the lives of others


Community service is an opportunity to not only give back to your community, but also to gain a sense of purpose and fulfillment by making a positive impact on the world around you


I provide interesting and entertaining course content!

I am extremely passionate about being a lecturer and strive to create a happy and fun teaching and learning environment for my students. I believe that when students are engaged and enjoying their learning experience, they are more likely to retain and apply the information being taught. I am constantly seeking new and innovative ways to make my lectures engaging and interactive, and I am dedicated to helping my students succeed both academically and personally.

Business Process Analysis

New Insights in Global Science: Create the Beginning of a Miracle

Research that is being carried out or that has been completed by the author as a researcher

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Professional Pride is Measured Not By Materials You Get, But By How Much You Serve. 

Community Service as an intellectual concern for society for the greater good

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Teaching History

Information System Analysis & Design
Artificial Intelligence
Information Technology Audit
Technology Based Business
Decision Support System
HumanComputer Interaction
Data Structure
Information Technology Governance
Tourism Information Technology


Gede Surya Mahendra, S.Pd., M.Kom.

Born in Singaraja, Bali Province, he has completed his bachelor’s degree in informatics engineering education at Ganesha University of Education and continued in the postgraduate program in computer science study at Ganesha University of Education with a specialization in the field of decision support systems. The author first became a Lecturer at the Indonesian Institute of Business and Technology (INSTIKI) from 2018 to 2022, and now the author is actively carrying out the Tridharma of Higher Education as a Lecturer in the Information Systems Study Program, Department of Informatics Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Vocational Education, Ganesha University of Education. Subjects taught include decision support systems, technopreneurship, software analysis and design, artificial intelligence, tourism information technology, human-computer interaction, IT auditing, research methodology, business process analysis, and web-based programming.

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